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Nov 10, 2012 11:00pm EST
won the vote in florida. the state finally finished counting all of those votes today and declared president obama the winner. the president got 50% of the vote compared to governor mitt romney 49.1%. is a difference of about 74,000 votes. but florida, the president now officially has 332 electoral votes to romney's 206. >> vatican computer expert got a two month suspended sentence over a scandal involving the leak of confidential documents. >> it vatican computer expert was sentenced for help with the pope's former butler still and leak confidential documents to an italian journalist. he was arrested by vatican authorities in may when they found a stash of confidence of documents on his desk at work. the pope's former butler is still serving an 18 month prison sentence. the lawyer said he will appeal the sentence, saying his client played a minor role in the affair and that he now risks to lose his job and the vatican. this represents the last act of a trial over a scandal that was widely seen as the worst security breach in the vatican's recent history. >> back now with more on t
Nov 3, 2012 11:00pm EDT
to the postseason. hosting florida atlantic, first-ever meeting between the schools. florida atlantic jumps on the board the. wallace from a yard out. 7-0. freshman quarterback, a star on the rise. into the end zone there. he rushed for 159 yards. midst up 14-10 at the break. on fourth and 7, navy going to the air. sure you go to the air if you have a big target like that. the midst won 24-17 and will face a pac-12 team december 29 in san francisco in a bowl game. terps at home today honoring the maryland women's basketball game -- team for its a.c.c. title last season. and fifth string linebacker shawn petty was forced to start at quarterback. it did not go well. smith on the option walks in from five yards out. he had 89 yards rushing on the ground. 13-0. in the second. tech knocking on the door again. b -- first ruled no score. they reviewed it. yellow jackets roll, 33-13. and tigers up three on the blue hens. 23 yards to mike milburn. incredible play set up boehner. 40 yards out. it's good. we go to overtime. just fine with towson. helps when you have a guy like be terrence west. this k
Nov 4, 2012 11:30pm EST
to take a nosedive down into florida and come up the coast. when this storm gets pushed down to the bottom where the jt takes the turn and spins up. gives it energy like a whip being cracked. here's what will happen with that. here's the storm. rides the jet stream to the south. down around florida. gets the spin up there, comes up the coast. then we have a situation, how close to the coast will this be? one computer model, the european model, has it awfully close, this would be a troublesome forecast. the other computer model has it far enough offshore that we wouldn't be affected at all. the two main models have differing ideas how this thing will behave. the european is slower move, more rain, maybe snow involved but at least the winds, the strong winds wouldn't be as widespread. we'll have to see what happens with this. here's the seven-day forecast. 50 tomorrow, 48 on election day. election day still dry. we'll just peck up clouds at the end of the day. the craziest day probably will be wednesday. the highest rein chance, windiest conditions, maybe snow on thursday and the rain will t
Nov 17, 2012 11:00pm EST
reasons to stay, tradition and geography. 10 yards, 14-0, florida state. he looks nothing like a linebacker play quarterback. great effort here. kevin dorsey into the end zone. the terps are not bowl eligible at the end of 2012. final game of the year in annapolis, hosting a texas state. noah copland. 7-0, navy. third quarter. same guy. 16 yards. a 14-0 lead. to cap off, gg gren -- green. a 10 yard touchdown. three weeks until they face the army. towson struggle against a few spots this weekend but the tigers turned it on the second half of the season with their first ever win in new hampshire and can earn a second title. it did not start well with the tigers. this was a down roar. andy -- 77 yards for the quarterback. there he goes. 7-0, new hampshire. terence west. 236 yards. game tied at 7 there. 2nd quarter. domnic booker. towson gets a 64-35 victory. johns hopkins looking for its first ever win and a home playoff game against washington and jefferson. the qb keeper. in from 7 yards. bluejays stay in the first quarter. daniel -- the bubble screen. 14-0. 52 yards. 2 plays la
Nov 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
, down to florida and along the carolina coast. expect it to be just to our east on wednesday. the question is, how close to the coast will it be? it could run out to sea and miss us altogether. that is still a possibility on wednesday. it looks like most of the strongest impact will be around ocean city. no problems with election day. temperatures will be chilly. on the bay, the wind will start out like, and gradually increase. in the afternoon hours, one to 2 foot waves. the storm on the cost will be further away. you get some sunshine on wednesday before some flurries in the afternoon and evening, but only a 20% chance. closer to the coast, closer to the storm, and precipitation chances go up to 60%. there could be what's know as well. gusts to 55 mph, right on the beach, with the storm moving off the coast on wednesday. you will see the storm coming of the killer -- the carolina outer banks tomorrow night, throwing the moisture back into the cold air, where it could mix into snow in the afternoon and evening, before it heads for new england on thursday. on that track, the
Nov 9, 2012 11:00pm EST
military veterans living in the united states. according to the census, florida and texas have 1 million or more veterans each. more veterans day facts on, or you can share a message for a veteran you know and see restaurants that will be serving for e-mails to our veterans. >> well-deserved. lady liberty is backed up and running. >> the land israel that for the first time after being damaged in the storm. just one day after the national monument was opened. >> consumers should be on the lookout for sandy-fund -- sandy- flooded vehicle that go up for sale. what to watch out for. >> ray lewis has a secret hobby. i am at a spot in downtown baltimore where faure will let that secret out tonight. >> the weekend features warmer temperatures and some sunshine. >> as residents to our north continued to recover from hurricane sandy, experts are warning of an illegal practice that is bound to pop up in the wake of these storms sandy left behind thousands of soaked and sand-filled cars. many of those cars will be cleaned up, put back on the market, and sold to unsuspecting customers. os
Nov 13, 2012 11:00pm EST
and a florida bus driver scuffling with a student. the violence on display is not the only cause for alarm. time after time, witnesses reached for itself owns to capture the fight instead of calling for help or intervening. >> people are learning not to be active participants in problem solving, but rather be observant. >> the doctor believes the trend could egg on participants who may play to the camera. >> this was not the norm 20 years ago. now, with the availability of technology, there are ways of coping with an and frustration that are different at a social level. we are doing different kinds of problems all the interventions. what does that mean to us 20 years from now. >> our operators are instructed to contact a supervisor and call them to the scene. >> it is not just the bus drivers caught on tape lashing out. there are plenty of videos online showing passengers going after each other or bus drivers. bus driver iss off the road pending an investigation. >> police are looking for two suspects after a shooting and an attempted armed robbery. it happened just before 3:30 this afternoon. p
Nov 16, 2012 11:00pm EST
to get your gas from bg &e. >> authorities in florida say a fight between a man and his step that was sparked by broccoli. he faces eight charges of battery. he fixed dinner for his stepfather when woods complained that the broccoli on his plate was supposed to be saved for thanksgiving. the argument picked up steam and ended with a punch in the face. some limber londoners set a world record by cramming themselves into a mini cooper. 28 women managed to fit into the car. it took a little shoving and about 10 minutes for them all to get in there. that was just enough women to beat the previous record of 27. you will be happy to know that everyone escaped unharmed. >> now, your weather forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> you have to be really good friends to do that. you have to really get along,. mlb well the shower. >> clean clothes. -- and be well-showered. >> clean clothes. >> our producer is going to do this every night we hire -- have good weather. not much to worry about. a strong, high pressure will settle into night and settle in for the weekend. that means nice november
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8